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Full-stack Web Dev. Pragmatic artisan at heart. ex-Typefully, ex-BendingSpoons.

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You might need a landing page for your place on the internet, an MVP for your product idea, or a fix for the issues in your codebases.

I've done it all before for others, and I'm here now to help you.

I'm open for both per-hour and project-based work.

I'm a freelancer since June '23, and I've done MVPs for B2C platforms, personal landing pages, countless fixes on pretty large codebases.

I worked for 2 years at [Typefully]( as a Fullstack Web & Product Engineer.
I worked for 3 years at [BendingSpoons]( as an iOS & Product Engineer.

What I've worked with
NextJS, Django, BlitzJS, Firebase, Postgres, Redis, TailwindCSS, MantineCSS, Squarespace

What I don't know
A lot. But I live to learn.